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Apple sales drop by – 40.5% – OUCH that has got to hurt!

Showing that even Apple are not untouchable – things are slowing up The hour looms Apple has two big events looming on the horizon – one is WWDC in June, and before that, on 4th May, Apple will announce and discuss its second quarter, 2023 financial results. The year for Apple, in general, looks to […]

Choose the BEST MacBook for you? The 2022 guide for Christmas

The choices have never been better, or closer, so let’s help you choose the right MacBook this holiday season It’s a tight call It’s hard to find an argument against MacBooks right now. The poor designs of just a few years ago, are a long way behind us now. The butterfly keyboards, lack of ports, […]

M1 Max MacBook Pro – welcome back

I nearly forgot about it over the past 2 or 3 weeks, but the MacBook Pro is back! This reviewing lark is odd Back in March, I took the decision to sell my firstborn and the odd organ, and buy the all new, MacBook Pro. Trust me, it was not a snap decision. I had […]