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Apple Studio Display and 3 huge things I got wrong

I reckon I’ve sat in front of my Studio Display for over 2000 hours at this point, and I have a few points to correct A slow learner I was wrong about Apple’s Studio Display. I use this display as my primary display six days a week for up to twelve hours a day so […]

5 productivity apps for Mac that help me blast through the day

Every day I sit down to create some kind of content, and there are 5 apps that I couldn’t get by without – today I tell which ones they are, and why I use them Groundhog Day Some apps sit there doing nothing, yet others I rely on every day. You know what it’s like, […]

My TOP 5 go-to productive apps

My days are spent surrounded by Macs – here are the apps I couldn’t get by without Groundhog Day Some apps I have and rarely use. Others, I could not get through a day without. Does that sound familiar? I guess, to some extent, we are creatures of habit, and will always revert to what […]

Did The Genius Bar copy me on this one?

I was listening to The Genius Bar podcast this morning, and it was almost carrying on from where I left off with yesterdays blog…interesting… I’m only kidding really Genius Bar is a great listen. It is hosted by Jon Prosser & Sam Kohl, who I actually had on my Minus Sixteen podcast recently. I listen […]

Apple’s Studio Display 6 weeks on – still making me HAPPY ?

I have been using the much maligned Studio Display every day for just under two months…here are my thoughts. What’s all the fuss about The Apple Studio Display rarely causes an ambivalent reaction. It’s a Marmite product, it would seem – folks either love it or hate it in equal numbers. In its favour is […]

Making my M1 Max MacBook the No.1 creative machine

The five creative apps I must have on my M1 Max MacBook Pro A little under a month ago, I unboxed my 16” M1 Max MacBook Pro. It comes at a pretty hefty price, so making it work for me was a priority. I had decided to set this Mac up as a completely clean […]