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macOS Sonoma – 1st impressions

I took the plunge – was it worth it? macOS Sonoma became available for everybody last week – so I took the plunge and installed it in both my M2 MacBook Air and also the bread and butter machine – the machine I am working on right now – the M1 MacBook Pro. You know […]

Apple & Google – best buddies?

They are two of the largest tech giants, but oddly, good friends too Being in very similar arenas, you could easily be forgiven for thinking these two behemoths, Google & Appleoogle may well be arch rivals. However, if you peel back the surface layer just a tad, it turns out, nothing could be further from […]

Safari – is it still the best? What browser is No. 1?

What’s new with Safari? 21st February – 25th February 2022 Apple is in the modem market That’s right. It has not been the best kept secret ever, that Apple were keen to ditch Qualcomm as their modem supplier. A fresh report this week is suggesting that the switch could happen as early as 2023, and […]

Safari Browser or Chrome….

Is Safari browser the best for you and your Mac Most of us plump for the easy options in life. It’s just a given, and it’s not a bad policy either. Life is complicated enough without looking to add to it. Our choice for simplicity even comes down to apps that we use; the ones […]