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The 1 Apple device I couldn’t do without…it’s THAT stunning!

It’s been another year of adding to my Apple gear – but there is one device that still stands out… Apple has had their fair share of my money this year. This isn’t going to be a review of my tech year – I may write that in a few weeks…and I’ve certainly added to […]

2nd Gen Studio Display – what’s next?

Size really does matter when you are working in front of a Mac all day – so are Apple working on the next incarnation of the Studio Display? The eyes have it Without my Studio Display, my days would be immeasurably harder. Last year turned out to be a busy year for me adding to […]

Apple Studio Display – is it still AWESOME 6 months on

It still causes a lot of interest – and with good reason – it’s a fantastic panel! Peek Performance cost me dear The Studio Display from, Apple, is expensive, but is it worth it? March is the month of my birthday. That usually means, I like receiving a few pressies. This year, though, March, ended […]

Apple Studio Display – brilliant or flawed? 6 months on…

Whose it for, what’s it like, and is it for you? The story so far The Studio Display was released earlier this year, and since mine arrived, I have used it virtually every day. But, online, it would seem that not everyone is as happy as I am with the choice. We all know the […]