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Apple’s Studio Display 6 weeks on – still making me HAPPY ?

I have been using the much maligned Studio Display every day for just under two months…here are my thoughts. What’s all the fuss about The Apple Studio Display rarely causes an ambivalent reaction. It’s a Marmite product, it would seem – folks either love it or hate it in equal numbers. In its favour is […]

For a long time, the LG Ultrafine was No.1…but is it still king?

The Studio Display, from Apple, has come along and rocked the boat. Side by side, how do they compare? I have worked on Macs, and iMacs in particular, for over a decade now. I am more than used to the astonishing Retina Displays. But the moment that Apple announced the 5K Studio Display in March, […]

Cheap iPhones, Studio Display & colourful MacBook Airs

Apple View round-up 14th March – 18th March 2022 Studio Display As the first reviews land for Apple’s brand new 5K Studio Display, most of the news is positive, but there certainly seems some quality issues with the built-in webcam. The camera, which is a 12 MP, ultra-wide, f/2.4 aperture device with Centre Stage, certainly […]

Mac Studio is a thing! An awesome future awaits

Apple has done it again, and have been working on a brand-new brand line of Mac Studio I decided to wait a day or so before writing about next Tuesdays hotly anticipated Apple event – Peek Performance. I am glad I did now, as new stories have suddenly started to crop up suggesting that a […]