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Apple’s Studio Display 6 weeks on – still making me HAPPY ?

I have been using the much maligned Studio Display every day for just under two months…here are my thoughts. What’s all the fuss about The Apple Studio Display rarely causes an ambivalent reaction. It’s a Marmite product, it would seem – folks either love it or hate it in equal numbers. In its favour is […]

The 1 BIG takeaway from WWDC – CarPlay!

CarPlay has been completely re-thought in iOS 16. What does it mean for the future of the Apple Car project? How it all started CarPlay was first introduced in 2014 as part of iOS 7. If you had an iPhone 5 or later, your radio, or head unit could now be enabled to run apps […]

WWDC 2022 – the 3 things I REALLY want

Earlier this week, I wrote about what I thought we might see at WWDC 2022. Here I tell you about the 3 things I’d love to see next week. Not long now We are now just a few days away from this year’s spring WWDC 2022 conference from Apple Park. Rumours have been lean this […]

For a long time, the LG Ultrafine was No.1…but is it still king?

The Studio Display, from Apple, has come along and rocked the boat. Side by side, how do they compare? I have worked on Macs, and iMacs in particular, for over a decade now. I am more than used to the astonishing Retina Displays. But the moment that Apple announced the 5K Studio Display in March, […]

Will iPhone 15 be the 1st with USB-C? Will it make it perfect?

We are still a good few months away from the release of this year’s iPhone, the 14, but as is often the case in the world of technology, we are already looking at what the 2023 release may bring. Specifically, will it bring the USB-C port to iPhone for the first time? Why change? Currently, […]

Premiere Pro and M1 MacBook Pro workflow

How well does the latest M1 MacBook Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Pro together? I think the fact I love my Apple gear, by this point, is probably not in doubt. Where it can be Apple, it will be, and that goes for apps too. I still use the native calendar app, Notes, Numbers, and even […]

One month with AirPods Pro

Are AirPods Pro worth the change? I had always enjoyed my AirPods 1st Gen. They were the one item in my Apple arsenal, that would be used every day. They were now two years old, and I fancied trading up to AirPods Pro. If that sounds familiar, then read on. It happened by luck I […]

Studio Display & MacBook Pro – a match made in heaven

the MacBook Pro and Studio display are perfect partners You can have fish without chips, but who would? You could have gin without tonic, but it’s unthinkable. You could have jam on a scone without cream. You get my point, just because you can opt to have one of them without the other, does not […]

Making a GREAT podcast interview with Adobe Audition

How to make a podcast interview work…and get it recorded on a Mac in Audition Until late last year, I hosted music radio shows. One of those three weekly shows was centred around interviewing leading and prominent guests from the jazz scene. Guests such as Kyle Eastwood, Clare Teal, China Moses and Leee John were […]