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iOS17 – is it a huge update? Will it be a winner?

The annual iOS update is the most important OS update of the year for Apple – so what will this year’s highlights be? Sharing is caring iOS has a theme running through it – sharing and communication. At WWDC Apple took the chance to revamp some of its classic and most loved features like AirDrop […]

Apple’s M2 Mac Pro showing it’s still the king – better late than never…

As the dust settles I find myself spoiled for choice… The morning after the night before Apple’s WWDC certainly didn’t disappoint! Somehow they managed to squeeze everything – and there was a lot – into the regulation two hours. Apart from not drawing breath, I have no idea how they did it! Yesterday passed in […]

WWDC 2023 – it’s going to be awesome AND long!

I’m acting a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve…bring on WWDC…but bring snacks And now for something completely different As I write, WWDC 2023 is but four days away. To mark that point Apple today updated its events page. The image above gives you an idea – but it’s best described I guess as […]

WWDC & 5 things that could BLOW our minds at Apple’s summer event!

We’re in that hushed lull before a hell of a storm right now, but come June early it could all be very different! Dreaming the dream It’s been an odd year for Apple so far. Over the past few years, we had kind of settled into a pattern of what to expect. We get the […]