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What does the Peek Performance invite tell us?

Apple’s event invites, and what they actually mean Writing this, we are hours away from the next Apple Event. The invites went out last week, a fashionable day late, but they did finally arrive. The event, which is named Peek Performance, has us all wondering what, if anything, we should read in to that verbiage. […]

iCloud+ the perfect storage solution

If you work on Macs and iOS devices, are you taking advantage of this backup and storage solution with iCloud yet? How it all began Going back years, and I mean years, pretty much the only decent cloud, storage and backup solution was Dropbox. It was pretty much a game changer from its very inception. […]

Apple M2, Mad March, Macs & More

The Apple spring event is coming and there could be more than we bargained for….including Apple M2 chip may be? There are strong rumours that Apple will hold their first event (still virtual), on Tuesday, 8th March. If these rumours are correct, that will mean invites landing one week before on Tuesday 1st March. That […]

Waiting on the iMac Pro

and for good reason too – the iMac Pro could be next level! I have been a Mac man for over a decade now, and for most of that time, I have been a desktop user. I have owned laptops – a very early MacBook Air, and currently I still run a 2019 MacBook Pro. […]