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I lied, and it was a BIG 1 too – welcome to my Canon

Today, I backed myself to make my channel grow by investing in a real camera… All well and good, but… I have never held a Canon 90D, or any other camera, until today. The lie I mentioned? Well, I started out on my YouTube adventure in September 2021. At that point, I made a promise […]

VTubers are coming – you heard it here 1st! Get ready to be SHOCKED…

The content creator economy has grown quickly…and it’s about to take on a new dimension with the onset of VTubers Virtual what? VTubers – you heard it here first. Content creation, and the content creator economy, is a very real, and tangible stream of revenue. And, its trajectory is only set to go one way […]

YouTube – making my No. 1 app EVEN better!

I often fear make-overs, but so far, this one is looking good! It often goes so wrong! YouTube is almost certainly the app I open first every day. Are you like me, I wonder? When you have become accustomed, and familiar with an app, or website over a number of months or years, the words […]

YouTube – it can break you

On camera, it’s all smiles, but behind the lens it can be a different story! If it was easy… I want this content creation lark to work – very badly. But, mentally, it can be a bloody tough gig. Most of the concern for creators, centres around the hours of solitude, working alone, and the […]

Interviewing 1 on 1 STILL works!

Putting in the yards and being face-to-face for interviews remains the best way It’s convenient…but… Interviewing is something I have really grown to love over the years. I cut my teeth on the technique on radio, actually. For a touch under ten years, I hosted three, live radio shows, a week. One of those, was […]

YouTube – and the 5 things I wish I’d known

It’s been very nearly a year since my first video went up, and it’s taught me a lot! I thought it would be so easy! This time last year, I distinctly recall feeling unsettled. I knew I needed to change things up as I felt stale & bored. Mum always told me she worried most […]

Is Tech YouTube lost?

With every video I watch, yet another creator seems to be discussing the state of tech YouTube. Is it at a crossroads? What’s the point? So, we are a few weeks away from Apple’s tech season. I’m pumped and looking forward to it, and of course, it will give me plenty of content to write […]

The Content Creator Economy – what’s ahead?

This sector of the economy is growing fast, so fast it’s hard to predict where it may end It’s odd to think I am a part of it I used to hear the phrases, ‘content creator’ or ‘the content creator economy’ but never did I feel that I’d be a part of it. I headed […]

Did The Genius Bar copy me on this one?

I was listening to The Genius Bar podcast this morning, and it was almost carrying on from where I left off with yesterdays blog…interesting… I’m only kidding really Genius Bar is a great listen. It is hosted by Jon Prosser & Sam Kohl, who I actually had on my Minus Sixteen podcast recently. I listen […]

YouTube is getting super SERIOUS about podcasts! 1 more place to post!

If you thought YouTube was just a video platform – well, think again… What is YouTube up to? In one way or another, podcasts have been part of my life now for nigh on a decade. I have always loved audio, and the catch-up benefits of podcasts appealed to me as a listener from the […]