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iPad – I may have been wrong…

Would it fit into my workflow after all?

2018 iPad Pro 12.9 inch

I’ve long held the opinion that an iPad has no place in my life.

The majority of my workday is spent at the desk either here at home or in the studio – and I am surrounded by Macs. I’m writing this on my 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro which is hooked up to my lush Studio Display (which I wouldn’t be without) and to its side is a 13-inch M2 MacBook Air.

Later on today, I’ll be heading to the studio to record the Minus Sixteen podcast and there I will have an M3 iMac in the studio along with the MacBook Pro.

So why would I need an iPad? Until the last couple of weeks, I’d been pretty resolute about it – an iPad just isn’t for me.

Over the past few weeks though my opinion may have softened. I’ve written and made videos about what updates are supposedly coming downstream for the iPad Pro – and they sound tempting. Not only that I’ve had a play with them as well.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made an effort to visit most of the Apple stores in London – Regent Street, Covent Garden, Brompton Road and Battersea. Normally when I mooch around Apple stores I’ve had scant interest in the iPad aisle.

Oddly though on those recent visits, having been tempted by the rumours I’ve been drawn to looking at them and having a little play with them.

And damn it – I’m liking what I’m seeing. This is gonna end up costing me money – I can just feel it!

iPad & OLED

A couple of things you’ll know about me if you’ve hung out with me for any length of time is that I love good quality displays – and large displays too.

One of the rumours is that a new iPad Pro is heading our way in a few weeks.

The existing 11.9-inch model remains but the word is that the 12.9-inch model will be dropped and replaced with a larger 13-inch version. Not only that but both of the iPad Pros will get OLED displays.

Now I’ll admit it is still only a 13-inch display with almost non-existent bezels so will look edge-to-edge – but being OLED the colour reproduction will be amazing. The colour gamut will be a major factor for me because of the work I do.

Sadly I’m not a Final Cut Pro editor – instead preferring Adobe Audition so I can’t take advantage of video editing on the fly on the iPad – but I do use Lightroom and Photoshop and both of those scream for colour accuracy.

And even if it’s just for kicking back on the sofa and consuming content with AirPods Max – it would probably be a better image than my 55-inch LED Samsung wall-mounted TV.

The one other thing no one has mentioned is whether Apple may think about bringing a 16:10 aspect ratio to the iPad at some point to make content consumption even more immersive.

Talking of Lightroom…

Earlier this year you’ll know I thought long and hard as to whether I should buy and review the Samsung S24 Ultra.

I didn’t, but part of its appeal was the pencil – editing with the pencil I figured would be pretty neat. I still edit all images on my Mac with the Magic Mouse. We all know I’m a Mac and Apple user through and through which is why I swerved buying the S24 – but if I jump into the sparkly waters of the iPad Pro then I would be able to use the Apple Pencil – making editing images that bit easier, quicker and more tactile. It would be a meaningful step forward.

And speaking of the Apple Pencil…

All new Apple Pencil

A new Apple Pencil Gen 3 is on the way to partner the new iPad Pro range.

It’s damned hard to justify how a pencil can justifiably cost £150 – but that point to one side, it looks as if this next-gen Apple Pencil will have some useful upgrades.

There will be a range of new magnetic tips for the pencil which are aimed at photo editors and artists and for the first time Apple Pencil will be getting FindMy capability. Even though I’m pretty careful with my gear, with the iPad designed to be ultra-portable & mobile the chances of leaving the Apple Pencil somewhere is increased, so adding FindMy to it is a great idea.

However, it seems Apple has also thought about keeping the pencil safer too…

The keyboard is getting more magic

That’s right – Apple’s Magic Keyboard is getting some upgrades and improvements.

The first of those is to do with the pencil. It looks almost certain that the camera will finally be moved on the iPad Pro to the landscape orientation. To facilitate that Apple has had to find another way to charge the pencil.

The ingenious solution we are expecting to see at next month’s event is that the pencil will charge in the hinge of the Magic Keyboard. Not only is super convenient, but also it will double up to keep the pencil safe as well.

Other improvements to the keyboard include a lay flat, clipboard-style angle for desk use and a greater range of angles of elevation when being used more conventionally.

The base of the keyboard will be made from aluminium to closer resemble a MacBook keyboard and the class-leading trackpad is about to get even bigger.

Being a convert to MagSafe charging it’s cool to hear that wireless charging is coming to the iPad at the event. The back of the iPad looks as if there will be a glass element to it and that will go hand-in-glove with the back of the Magic Keyboard case also being MagSafe compatible. Not only will it be wireless but it will also offer reverse wireless charging.

Final thoughts

I write 3 or 4 days a week in Ulysses – a markdown writing app that is solely for Mac and iPad.

Being able to write anywhere with an ultra-thin – apparently because of OLED it will only be 5mm thick – M3 super-powered tablet appeals. Buying an iPad Pro may even make me think about looking into checking out what Logic & Final Cut has to offer as well.

They seem to have thought of pretty much everything with the iPad Pro this time around and have designed it for Pro use. And they’ve nailed it as well – enough to make me a hardened iPad hater think twice.

Whenever I write about the iPad I always get comments from you telling me that I’m missing out – it seems that once the iPad bug bites – it bites deep and hard.

It won’t come cheap – the combination of the 13-inch iPad with 512 GB of storage (I intend to use it quite hard), the Gen 3 Apple Pencil and the new Magic Keyboard will likely cost me a tickle over £2000.

But with all the benefits that the 2024 iPad Pro is getting it could almost justify the price.

Apple has this way of making you want something you never knew you needed – it seems they’ve caught me in their web.

My first Apple purchase of the year could be an expensive one and something I never thought I wanted!

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2 Responses

  1. I had an iPad Air but just kept finding myself using the MacBook Air and iPhone at its expense. I have a M2 MacBook Air 15” and 15 ProMax. But would the new devices being released cause a price cut on simpler models like the iPad 10? I’d be tempted for reading books and whatnot.

    Dang. We shall see.

    1. hey – great to hear from you.

      Well, why we wait for the new iPad Pro news, I popped into London this last night and picked up a 15-inch M3 MacBook Air. I’ll be taking a look at it on the channel this week. They’ve reduced the M2 MacBook Air…a good omen…

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