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iPhone 14 release date – coming earlier than normal?

Appleviews – 19th August 2022

iPhone 14 release date
image courtesy Ian Zelbo – this weeks guest on Minus Sixteen

This week

News on iPhone 14 release date, the latest from Apple TV, and a security update you must install.

What is Appleviews then?

Way, way back, before I was writing here, on Medium, I used to blog weekly with a newsletter which I called Appleviews. I even uploaded some videos for it too, before realising that the Apple news market was already flooded on YouTube.

But, as we head in to ‘Tech-tember’ season ever so soon, I thought I’d bring it back! It’ll be a brief, weekly catch-up, rounding up some of the main news from Apple Street for the week. A little something for the weekend as it were…

I hope you enjoy! First up…

iPhone 14

It seems, the worldwide recession, may be part of the reason that iPhone 14 will be shipped earlier than usual.

The ultra-reliable, Ming-Chi Kuo, references the recent financial earnings call, posted by Apple. Their plans to ship early, may be partly responsible for their optimistic third-quarter, fiscal outlook in last month’s report.

With so much uncertainty globally, Apple seem to think it’s best to ship iPhone 14 as quickly as possible. A bird-in-the-hand, as it were.

September date change

The date for the first of this fall’s Apple events, looks to have been put back one day to Wednesday, 7th September.

The event will see iPhone 14 launched, at the event, which started filming earlier this week. The other main product that will be featured, will be Apple Watch 8. This year, we are expecting a new Apple Watch Pro to unveiled.

I will be recording a special episode of my Minus Sixteen podcast to discuss the event, ahead of time, with MacRumors Hartley Charlton. It will go out as both a video and audio podcast.

Time to update

This week, saw a raft of OS updates. Updates for Monterey, iOS and iPadOS, were all pushed out on Wednesday.

Apple has said the releases were due to a Webkit vulnerability that may have been actively exploited. Updating Safari is highly recommended.

I have updated all my devices. To do the same, go to settings > general > software updates. Even with automatic downloads activated, sometimes the updates sit there waiting for you to install. The sooner, the better with this one guys…

Another app goes the subscription route

The popular iOS image editing app, Pixelmator, this week announced that the iPhone & iPad apps, will now become subscription based.

The change of direction applies purely to new users, who will now have the option of paying either monthly ($4.99), or annually ($23.99). The lifetime option remains, too, costing $59.99.

Pixelmator have admitted that the subscription-based pricing model is more expensive, but for good reason.

They site there are ”some pretty big problems” with an upfront pricing model, including slower development and a focus on new users over existing users. They also noted that the App Store does not allow paid apps to offer free trials or upgrade discounts for major new versions.

How long?

Do remember the days of the 3.5mm headphone jack on your iPhone? You know what a cruel unit of measure time is, right? Well, how long ago do you think the jack was removed from iPhone? It was, drum roll please, SEVEN years back! Wow, I feel old. Do you miss it at all? Strange how we adapt and forget, right?

Apple tech & sport

The Dolphins, Australia’s national swim team, are now using Apple Watch, iPad and custom apps to track their training, health & performance.

It seems no coincidence, that The Dolphins are currently enjoying their most successful season ever, due to their investment in tech & data-driven training sessions.

“Data is the key ingredient when it comes to designing performance outcomes for our athletes. We have seen increased engagement from athletes wearing Apple Watch, which gives us more data points to inform analysis and make coaching decisions” reported Jess Corones – Swimming Australia’s performance solutions manager.

More USB-C heat

Following in the footsteps of the EU, and Americas congress, it seems India is also keen to see the back of Apple’s proprietary lightning port.

In the EU, legislation has been reached, but still needs to be formally approved by the European Parliament and European Council later this year before Apple is forced to change its ways. The changes are due to come in to force by the fall of 2024 latest.

In India, a meeting was held earlier this week with consumer electronic makers to discuss implementing a common charger, and the impacts it may have. They too are looking towards 2024 as the deadline. Is it any coincidence, that with all this global pressure, that next year’s iPhone 15 is rumoured to replace the lightning port, with a USB-C port? USB-C is also coming to AirPods Pro later this year.

Apple TV – from strength to strength

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, this week tweeted congrats to the cast & crew of Apple+ Originals Severance, and Ted Lasso.

“Congratulations to the incredible cast and crew behind Severance and Ted Lasso on @AppleTVPlus for winning Best Drama and Best Comedy at tonight’s Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards!”

Apple TV+ continues at pace, this week securing an upcoming action comedy film dubbed The Family Plan, which is set to star Mark Wahlberg. It will be directed by Simon Cellan Jones, who has worked with Wahlberg in the past.

Another critically acclaimed new original debuted this week – Bad Sisters. The first three episodes were aired of the dark comedy series, starring, written and executive produced by Sharon Horgan.

Next week, a documentary about the legendary actor, Sidney Poitier will air from 23rd September. Poitier’s family was in close collaboration with the project during production.

One other series to mention is Five Days at Memorial. It focuses on the effect Hurricane Katrina had on the staff, both now and then, of the New Orleans Memorial Hospital, which was at the centre of the community.

iOS 16 release date

We are expecting the new OS to be on full release, between 8th-16th September, just after the event I spoke of earlier.

Both the developer & public betas are now seeded. With major changes coming to Messages, Mail and Photos, there is a lot to look forward to. The scene stealers, though, are the Lock Screen customisation and Continuity.

With the use of a custom Belkin holder, your iPhone will now be able to be used as a webcam across all suitable apps including FaceTime and Zoom. A neat work-around for some of the poor quality webcams in recent Apple devices, such as the Studio Display.

If you’d like me to go back to uploading this as a YouTube video as well, let me know ☺️

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