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New iPhone 15 leaks & the first renders

Apple View round-up

11th April – 15th April 2022

Again, news is thin on the ground for us Apple fans, but whatever there is out there, I have hoovered up for you in this week’s Apple Views blog – including news on iPhone 15!

WWDC Update

I reported last week on the confirmed date of Monday, 6 June, being reserved for this summer’s WWDC. We have a little more flesh on the bones now as to what we can hope to find out about at the developer’s conference. Being predominantly a software event, we are sure to get a full raft of iOS updates announced. Mark Gurman reports that iOS 16, currently codenamed ‘Sydney’ is chock-full of references to the AR/VR headset, and its interactions with iPhone. All this suggests, that whilst the headset may not be unveiled this summer, it will be launched within the iOS 16 cycle. Possibly, we may get a look at some VR software or, at the very least, the headset’s operating system.

Gurman carries on to report in his Power On newsletter, that two-new Mac’s are coming around the middle of the year. One is to be the colourful, redesigned MacBook Air, and today, we found out the other. Hidden within the firmware of the Studio Display, is mention of ‘Macminin10,1’. There are a few points we are not sure of about with the mini, though. Will it be the M1 Pro or M2 chipset inside, and will the appearance be freshened up? Ming-Chi Kuo believes the form-factor will be unchanged, whilst Jon Prosser has said, it may have more ports and a glass top. This confirms that Apple has revealed that the Mac Mini is 100% coming. So, that would appear to be our Mac lineup this summer, then. And here is me still waiting for my MacBook Pro 16-inch to arrive! Are you excited by VR?

Body Heat

It would seem there is a chance that some form of body temperature sensor could be coming to Apple Watch Series 8. Other health features such as glucose monitoring and blood pressure sensors are still years away, but some form of temperature sensor may be on the next Watch release. I say some form, as it won’t actually tell you the temperature of your body, and, it will only be available to women to help with fertility planning. So, whilst I applaud that effort, it seems a little half-baked to me. The data is clearly there to share with the user, yet they stop shy of that, which is a real shame. Apple, have the option to make a real difference here, and yet are choosing not to carry it through fully. Apple Watch could be a major player in the wearable healthcare marketplace, with just one more push. I really don’t get it. So near to being something innovative and meaningful. Come on, guys – get back to what you do best, and lead the field before someone else steals your march.

Whilst talking Watches

The next watchOS may include a bevvy of new features along with the above temperature sensor. It could include a new low-power mode. Rather than the user having to manually decide to use the Power Reserve mode, or wait for the battery to fall beneath 10%, the new OS will do the job for you. Low-Power mode, will allow for certain apps to remain running, rather than just the time as in OS 8, reports Bloomberg News. As always, some new watch faces will also be bundled in to the latest watchOS too. I feel seriously left out, not having an Apple Watch. Am I missing out on much?

iPhone 14 – of course

If bezels worry you, and you regularly lose sleep over how big the borders on your iPhone screen are, well, I have some great news! On iPhone 14, according to @ShrimpApplePro, the bezels are about to get smaller. On the Pro series of phones, the bezels will reduce from 2.42 mm to 1.95 mm. Never say I don’t you, give you all the Apple details you could ever want! Hmmmm – does anyone really care about the bezels?

iPhone 15! That’s…right, iPhone 15 news!

Moreover, the rumoured periscope lens story, seems to be gathering some pace. Although it won’t feature on iPhone 14, Apple is said to have struck a deal with South Korean firm Jahwa Electronics. The Elec has reported that the Cupertino company has invested $155 million to secure space in its facility to produce Optical Image Stabilisation actuators (OIS) from next year. So, the pop out camera could become a reality. Exciting times.

In the picture

The difference a few days make. At the start of the week, YouTube reported that picture-in-picture support for iOS would be rolling out over the next few days. It was to allow all users, both premium, and non-premium, to carry on watching videos even with the YouTube app closed. However, now YouTube have rolled back on that press release, stating that the comment was referring to YouTube TV, not YouTube. I am still watching more YouTube than any other content these days. What about you?

iOS 16

Just a quickie…what are you really hoping to see in this year’s iOS? Widgets? More interactive icons? A re-designed control centre? Wouldn’t it be great if we got something super fresh and different to play with this year?

Another new store

Remember the place named Wuhan? Thought you might. Well, according to this holding page, they are about to get their Apple Store pretty soon. The march of Apple never ceases. And on that note….

Mac Shipments still growing

Whilst the global, pandemic boom for computers may at last be abating, the same is not to be said of Apple’s sales. In figures just released, it shows that sales figures for Apple grew 4.3% year-on-year, whilst their biggest rivals, HP, saw a slump of very nearly 18%. In the first quarter of last year, Apple shipped 7.2 million desktops & laptops, up from 6.9 million units from the same period the previous year. Say what you will about Apple, but they sure keep getting something right!

Back on the Twitter bandwagon

This time last week I reported that Elon Musk, he of Tesla fame, had bought enough shares in Twitter, to have a 9.1% in the company. Well, I am guessing he liked the boardroom. In a letter filed today with the SEC, Musk has offered to buy the entire company at $54.20 per share, which means the company is valued at $43 billion. He goes on to state in the letter, that he believes the social platform to have “extraordinary potential, which I will unlock.” Musk makes the point, though, that this is his “best & final offer”, and if not accepted, he will review his current position as a shareholder. Business at this level excites and scares me. Can you imagine what really goes on?

Apple & the environment

This week, Apple announced that over the past year, their suppliers have doubled their use of clean power. During the last twelve months alone, their renewable energy program has avoided 13.9 million metric tons of carbon emissions and are using over 10 gigawatts of clean energy out of nearly the 16 gigawatts used annually. Apple’s commitment to the environment continues at pace, including almost 500 megawatts of solar & renewable power in China & Japan alone. Making a serious and much needed environmental statement.

Give me the power

It’s pretty damned hard to get too worked up over a charger, but it is my job, so to do! We have known for a time that Apple were working on a dual-port type of charger. Of course, there have been plenty of third-party variants of these over the years, but this is a first for Apple. Images show it will have foldable prongs and will have two USB-C ports appearing side-by-side. It is expected to be released sometime this year, and will be 35W, so suitable for charging a range of products including iPhones, iPads, HomePod Mini and the latest MacBook Air. Try as I might, I can’t dress this one up for you!

To my expense, I know this to be true

I check every day, but still, the delivery date showing for my 16-inch MacBook Pro remains early to mid-May. Once again, we turn to analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who reports that Apple are experiencing extended delivery times, due to component shortages as a result of ongoing lockdowns in China. Direct from Apple, the M1 Max and M1 Pro machines are showing 6-8 week delivery times, with even longer delays being experienced in-store. Just my luck!

And finally

Is this how AirPod Pro Gen 2 may look? Stem or no stem. What do you prefer? And, the Mac Pro. When does this get revealed, do you think? We know, only too well, that it was “for another day”, but will that day be 6 June?

Let me know if I have missed any news and I will cover it next week – with a credit to yourself, of course!

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