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An iPhone payment plan is coming, iPhone 15 news, bigger Mac’s & back in the router market

Apple View round-up

21st March – 25th March 2022

iPhone 15


We’ll talk about iPhone 15 in a bit, but first, routers. Apple were actually at the forefront of making consumer grade wireless routers. In 1999, they released the AirPort Base Station. Their idea was beautifully simplistic. Rather than plugging your ethernet cable directly in to your Mac, you’d first plug it in to the AirPort, and that device, in turn, would provide Wi-fi for your home. Brilliant! Steve Jobs, I recall, famously showcased it be passing a Mac (it was actually an iBook!!) through a hula-hoop to show it was not connected to any cables. The range of routers, was, for a time, pretty successful and grew to include a low-end version, the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and even the high-end Airport Time capsule. That version included wireless backups for your Mac’s on the network. Well, what if Apple were to get back in to the router market, with a mesh network idea? If, like me, you have several HomePod minis dotted around, it is not too hard to imagine, they could be mesh network routers of the future, is it? Attractive, colourful and cool Wi-fi routers – I’m in!

Apple settles out of court

Apple has agreed to pay out $14.8M to avoid a court case! Ben Lovejoy reports that a class action lawsuit, has been settled out of court, agreeing to pay money to US residents who subscribed to one of their paid tiers of storage during a specific time-period. It would seem the problem was that they stored users data on non-Apple servers. The settlement includes anyone who paid for a subscription to iCloud at any time from September 16, 2015, to January 31, 2016. Apple, it must be stressed, have denied any wrong-doing, but they would rather pay out than go to trial. No action need be taken, and any US residents that falls in to this category, will be contacted in due course. By the time the lawyers take their cut, though, do not expect to get rich quick!

New Mac’s keep coming

In a highly in-depth quarterly report from Display Supply Chain Consultants, it’s rumoured that Apple have plans to increase screen sizes over numerous products next year. The MacBook Air will be the main beneficiary, with it reportedly getting a new 15 – inch screen and the current model being taken up to between 13 and 14 – inches. It’s expected that the entry-level iPad will also be shod with a larger screen, too. It seems bigger really is better then. Suits me!

Digital ID is live!

Finally, after much delay, the ability for Apple Wallet to store driver licences and state ID is now official. After originally being unveiled in June 2021, it has gone live in certain states for the first time. You will be able to store physical ID on your iPhone & Apple Watch. Currently, only available in Arizona, it will soon be run out in twelve more states including Iowa, Utah, and Kentucky. To use the features, you will need to have an iPhone 8 or later or an Apple Watch Series 4 or later, both of which will need to be running the latest iOS. To add an ID, you would simply go to the wallet app and tap the + icon. A really great idea and can’t wait for it to come to the UK.

iPhone 15

Yup, you read that correctly! With still six months to go until the release of this year’s iPhone, the 14, the first rumours are starting to emerge about next year’s iPhone 15. According to Korean website The Elec, Samsung are working on new screen technology that will enable the camera to be under the glass. Apple is planning to use this screen to hide their Face ID under the display next year. The concern has always been whether the under display technology would be as effective or secure as the current system. Samsung first plans to apply the technology to its so-called Galaxy Z Fold5. The rumours are well-founded as they have come from Ross Young. All about the notch again!

Now you see it…

It has been only ten days since the release of macOS 12.3, but bugs have already started to surface. Many users are finding that monitors connected via USB-C cables are not detecting displays at all or with inaccurate screen output. Posts can be read on the Apple Support page and also forums on MacRumours website too. Interestingly though, the problems only seem to occur on third-party panels such and LG and BenQ, but not on their own, proprietary screen, the Studio Monitor. Apple is now aware of the issue and hopefully an update will soon be released. Of course, their display works!

Latest iPhone 14 pics

So, what are your thoughts?

Malware on Mac alert

A new, custom macOS malware named ‘Gimmick’ has surfaced. Thought to be the work of a Chinese Espionage group, the malware, was found on a MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.6. The computer in question had, though, already been compromised in a 2021 cyber-espionage attack. Mactrast reports that it heavily abuses Google Drive devices and that the malware embeds itself as a binary file. Reasons to get updated…or not use Google Drive!

Twitter news

Are you anything like me, and spend far too much time on Twitter? Well, I have some good news for you if that is the case! From now on, it will be a lot easier to search your DM’s, as you’ll be able to use keywords and names to find specific messages. Although the DM search bar is not a new feature in itself, in the past it would only let you search for the person or group chat. The new feature allows you to refine your searches far more. Further, reasons to spend time on Twitter, then!

News for gamers

More bugs in macOS Monterey, and this time it is affecting gamers. Some Mac users have experienced problems with game controllers after updating their operating system. It would seem that some Xbox, PlayStation, and a few other controllers are not functioning correctly over Bluetooth. Well, if you will game on a Mac!

Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview, this week, had a new release. First introduced in March 2016, the idea of Preview is to test features may that may be introduced in later versions of the browser. The new release sees 142 bug fixes and performance improvements addressed. This version, built on 15.4, includes features introduced in macOS Monterey. The companies aim is to gather feedback from developers and users. It can be run side-by-side with the existing browser and can be accessed through System Preferences > Software Updates. For the seriously geeky only!

Do you love Apple TV+?

I do and am really getting in to it this year. The TV+ website, was updated this week with an Up Next queue for shows. Before this update, users had an option for adding a show to the Up Next list, but the actual list did not display on the website. Login to the TV+ website with an Apple ID on Safari or Chrome and the list is now viewable, making it super handy for tracking viewings on platforms without the TV app. Checkout, We Crashed – I’m loving it. And the filming is out of this world good.

The word is Instagram

As much as I spend far too much time on Twitter, I spend virtually no time on Instagram, but if you do, read on. MacRumours report that a new Following and Favourites Feed is now included in this latest update. It allows users to view their content chronologically from people they follow. Favourites show the latest posts from a selected group of accounts. I tried Insta, but it never really grabbed me.

If I had a key to the world

All the way back in 2020, Apple introduced the digital car key feature. It allows users to unlock and start their vehicle by simply bringing an iPhone or Apple Watch close to the drivers’ door. Until now, it was limited to BMW. Well, now, two more manufacturers are on the list according to Apple’s website, those being Genesis & Kia. The digital key, is stored in the Wallet app we discussed earlier. Originally, the feature worked on NFC technology only, but the newest version, which is based on the Ultra-Wideband Technology, means the phone can remain in your pocket. Why doesn’t my car have this feature? I want!

And finally – More new ways to tie us in!

News is just breaking from Apple of another new way to purchase their products. Initially starting off with purely iPhone, Apple are looking into the potential of going on to a hardware subscription service. The company intends that owning an iPhone could be more like subscribing to apps. According to Mark Gurman, the service could eventually tie in to AppleCare and various other digital service bundles. The more traditional means of purchase such as buying outright, or on a carrier subsidy will remain, but this will be a further way in which to ease the burden of purchase. The plan is still being worked on, but we understand the Cupertino based tech firm is keen to launch it toward the end of this year. Various tiers, levels, and bundles would be available and it would work through the user’s account already on their devices which is linked to the App Store. Why did no one see this coming? Fantastic idea!

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