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Just 1 day to go! Will WWDC 2022 be an awesome event?

In just over 24 hours, the curtain will raise on WWDC 2022. What are the latest rumours?

WWDC 2022
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Until the last few days, there have been few solid leaks on what we can expect at WWDC 2022. But, over the last few days, finally, some stories have surfaced. With mere hours to go, let’s have one last, quick round-up.

iOS 16

iOS 16

This, is a given despite the stories a few weeks back of a delay. It would now seem that the lock screen with widget-like capabilities will happen. The ‘always-on’ lock screen, for the 14 Pro models, at least, is highly likely as well. Notifications, is receiving yet more attention and, apparently, there is some ‘fresh’ native Apple apps coming our way, but as yet, that is all we know.

The Health app is going to help you better monitor your pill intake and medical regimen, and the Messages app is to become more like a social network in its functionality. More integration for iOS is on the cards, additional Fitness+ workouts and the launch of Apple Music Classical rounds out what we know about the next iOS. This is normally available for developers the same day, with the rest of us having to wait until the end of July for the full version release.

iPadOS 16

This OS has been in desperate need of attention for ages now. Any of my friends that use an iPad professionally, are pulling their hair out in anticipation. Most of the above functionality of iOS16 will find its way to iPadOS, but we are expecting to see the latest OS for iPad make it behave more like a laptop. We think this will include easier resizing of windows, improved multitasking and the ability to deal better with multiple apps being open at once.

macOS 13

Are they really thinking of calling this Mammoth? Is it just me, or is that name laughably bad? As for the improvements, well, the System Preferences interface looks likely to become more similar to the iOS equivalent. A much-needed improvement to Mac Mail is rumoured, with Safari and Messages also getting a spring-clean.

watchOS 9

Nothing revolutionary here, I’m afraid. Refreshes to existing watch faces, additions to the Fitness app & metrics, a new low-power mode and, improved monitoring of the heart, seem to be your lot. Equally, what else is there that Apple Watch could offer?

tvOS 16

If you’ve been reading me recently, then you’ll know I am a late convert to Apple TV. The 4K box is stunning, with a simple interface, good Siri integration and an outstanding picture quality. The only rumours on tvOS are further tie-ins to smart home products.


Apples AR/VR headset

We know the board have now seen physical, hardware examples of their AR/VR headset, but there is no way it will be launched tomorrow. That said, as it is primarily a developer’s conference, possibly realityOS will be unveiled, ready for the developers world-wide to start getting apps ready for the headset 2023 launch. They won’t show us too much of the headset, though, for fear of giving their competitors too much of a steal of their thunder.


Although not a hardware event, it is probable, that M2 will make its debut in the all new, colourful, square, MacBook Air. In turn, that would give them some time to develop M2, ready for its inclusion in the Mac Pro later this year. I think we will get a glimpse of the design, at least, of the new Mac Pro, but that will be it. In my mind, it seems sense, to show its design development now, but give the M2 time to develop. We will see M2 grow through the Pro, Max and Ultra iterations, ready for the M2 Extreme (or whatever it’s to be named), for the Mac Pro this autumn. Most intriguingly, will be to see how they intend to approach the much-needed modularity for Mac Pro.

Wrapping up

So, there you go, a quick one-stop shop of what we may see at WWDC tomorrow. There are several ways to watch it live – I will be watching it on Apple TV, but it will be streaming from their website, and also on their YouTube channel as well. It streams from 6pm BST and 10am PST.

I will be writing a blog straight after the event to round up what actually occurred, so be sure to look out for that one. What are you looking forward to most?

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