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A long day ahead…time to test battery life!

We keep being told about how awesome the battery life is on the latest Apple gear – today I’ll find out!

M2 MacBook Air Battery test
image courtesy of author

I’m no early bird!

At least some batteries are full…it’s 5.30am. It’s silly early, and I’m not happy.

Not only am I up, but I’m already sitting here, at Heathrow, waiting for a flight to Brussels. I’m off to record the next episode of my Minus Sixteen podcast, with Patrick, from the YouTube channel, Patrick Rambles.

With me today, I have my AirPod Pro 2, Apple Watch Series 8, iPhone 14 Pro and my M2 MacBook Air. Being one of those rare days that I will be nowhere near a power source, I thought it would give me a good chance to thoroughly check out the battery life of the kit I have with me.

All the kit is pretty new, and the latest versions, and all had 100% battery when I left home (which already seems like a lifetime ago). It’s going to be a long day, and a creative one too. I’ll be writing the blog on the M2 MacBook Air, and the watch will be tracking me all day. The AirPods are already in, and being used, and the iPhone 14 Pro…that will be taking video clips all day, for this week’s video. Also, the iPhone, will be my link to the online world, using the hotspot link. I have no power bricks or cables with me at all.

It’s fair to say, that if the tech can make it through the day, it will all have served me well. Wish me luck.

The next chapter…

I’m now writing this in a coffee shop at Brussels Airport, as I wait for the train to take me to the town where I will meet Patrick.

The flight was super smooth and straightforward, and I was using the iPhone, watch & AirPods the whole way. I gotta tell you, the noise-cancelling on the AirPods Pro 2 was a lifesaver – insanely good. I’d forgotten how loud planes were, but the AirPods Pro 2 cut out that white noise, and made the trip tolerable. Even with the ANC on, the AirPods are at 100% and the case 92%. A win on that front, then.

The M2 MacBook Air’s battery is equally fairing well. I didn’t use it on the plane at all, so it’s only been used at Heathrow, and now, here at Brussels. The battery is still at 96%. Even having used the watch to listen to podcasts with, that too is at 90%.

So, the only concern for lasting the day right now, is the battery on the iPhone 14 Pro. As I said, I’m using that to hotspot from, DM & Tweet, Apple Pay, video and take shots with. I know that’s a fair amount, and it is taking its toll…it’s already down to 60%, which, to be honest, is not quite as good as I had been hoping. I don’t know if my expectations were set a little too high, but today will be a pretty solid test, for sure.

Loving the connections

Apart from testing the batteries, today is also proving how well the ecosystem is working. Everything is sweet, and swift. The hotspot is picking up swiftly, OK, so not strictly down to the ecosystem, but, even so…AirPods are not driving me mad today, and are actually connecting to the device I want!

Switching between devices has been handy, too. I wrote a few words of this on the phone, whilst the MacBook Air was locked away in the overhead cabin.

On a sidebar, the connection speeds, although not showing to be very fast, are working just great. And I think the thing that impressed me most, has been the coverage. Even downstairs, buried deep underground, I was getting coverage. Impressive on a train platform.

Much, much later

So, the task of the day is now complete. I met with Patrick at his studio. We hung out together for a few, priceless hours, and recorded some great content.

Back to the battery testing though…everything has held up great, except for the iPhone. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that has carried out the bulk of the work, But even so, it has been hit hard.

The MacBook remains in the high 80%’s, and AirPod Pro’s the same. Apple Watch has been the ‘good’ surprise of the day, and still has around 70%. The iPhone, though, is down to a worryingly low 22%. I am still at Brussels Airport, and will need my phone at the other end to arrange transport home.

Why lightning?

I’ll take 50% of the heat for this one…

I packed a few USB-C cables, but forgot any USB-C to lightning. So, now you’ll find me perched up outside an accessory shop, where I have just begged for some charge. Apart from needing to call for a ride home, it also has my boarding pass on it as well. Without that phone making it back to the UK with charge, I’m well, stuffed!

Wrapping up

It’s been a long, creative, exciting day. Everything has gone perfectly to plan, with the one exception of the iPhone. I know, I know, it’s done a heap of work today, but equally, it sat doing nothing for a few hours as well.

I have been shocked at how quickly it drained down from 100% today. It is a 14 PRO. Surely, that should mean it should make it through a day, even a long day, like today. OK, in future, particularly, when I have a MacBook with me, lesson learned, pack a lightning cable.

But, roll on 2023 when iPhone finally gets a USB-C port. Today was a prime example of why that has to happen.

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