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Cheap iPhones, Studio Display & colourful MacBook Airs

Apple View round-up

14th March – 18th March 2022

Studio Display

Studio Display

As the first reviews land for Apple’s brand new 5K Studio Display, most of the news is positive, but there certainly seems some quality issues with the built-in webcam. The camera, which is a 12 MP, ultra-wide, f/2.4 aperture device with Centre Stage, certainly caused some less than praiseworthy comment from The Wall Street Journal and The Verge among others. It is odd that there should be any issues as it is the same tried and trusted camera that is found in the companies iPad. Nilay Patel of The Verge wrote, “the camera looks awful in good light, and downright miserable in low light.” Apple, have responded by issuing a stating a software update is imminent. When it will be issued, however, we are not certain. Got to be embarrassing!

Changes to carriers and iPhone

U.S. customers are facing a change in the way they can buy their next iPhone. Starting with the iPhone SE, the new, low-end model that went on sale today. Buyers who choose either AT&T Inc. or T-Mobile US Inc. as their wireless carrier won’t need to provide their personal information at the time of purchase. Until now, in the Sates, when buying a phone with carrier support, either from Apple’s website or at one of their stores, customers had to supply their phone number and Social Security number. This allowed credit checks to be run by the phone carriers. Now, however, this data will be added on set-up by the customer themselves. It is hoped this will speed up the whole process. Interesting – when the States catch cold…as the old saying goes.


Just a quickie – which team are you in? Team pill & hole or team notch? Does it really matter?

iPad display – no changes

According to a recent tweet from Ming-Chi Kuo, due to ongoing concerns over costs, Apple will not be releasing devices with mini-LED that would require new display sizes. That news would directly affect the 11-inch iPad Pro, or, even, any plans for a pro version of the new Studio Display. But, in the battle of the analysts, the ever reliable Ross Young disagrees and has tweeted he believes Apple are still planning a pro Studio Display later this year. Interesting, two such reliable sources should have wholly different views.

More from Ming

Back to the very vocal (on Twitter at least) Ming-Chi Kuo, and updates from a couple of other tweets I saw this week from him. The on/off car project once again seems to have stumbled, this time over the issue of mass production. He also believes there to be trouble a-foot for the mobile phone industry as a whole. The man is to be listened to!

And more from the Gurman too

Meanwhile, our other reliable source of Apple goodness, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, has told us that the 15 – inch, redesigned MacBook Air is now no longer among Apple’s plans for the foreseeable future. He also informed us that another iOS update, 15.5 will be released in time for WWDC this summer. Have you started to play with iOS 15.4 yet?

2nd Gen AirPods

Late last year, Apple Stores were granted access to a Firmware updater tool. MacRumours this week reported that this tool can now run Firmware updates on second generation AirPods. The tool allows technicians to carry out updates on customers AirPod Pros and second generation AirPods alike. There is no way for customers to update this Firmware themselves. The update can resolve certain user-based issues. The latest third generation AirPods is, as yet, not on this list. I must admit, I do fancy a pair of AirPod Max.

Cheap iPhone 12 – legit!

In a break with tradition, Apple now has for sale, on its official refurbished store, last year’s iPhone 12. Only the two mid-range phones are currently on offer, but with appreciable discounts available. Looking at the site now, there is a 64 GB 12 mini on sale with a saving of £90 and a silver 256 GB Pro Max up for £889 which is a huge £160 saving. Take a look at the refurbished store now for more details. The refurbished store is a treasure trove!

Smartphones playing a role in the war

Smartphone technology is playing its part in the current Ukraine war. Simple tasks, whether that be checking up on loved ones or sending live videos to show the uncensored reality of what is happening, have played a crucial part so far in events. Mobile services continue to operate despite the widespread destruction. While some have been surprised that Russia have not targeted communication networks, others claim it is deliberate, in order they can watch for themselves the coverage. Never a winner with war.

MacBook Air News

While there may be no 15-inch model coming, the newly designed MacBook Air is due to arrive in the third quarter of this year. It is expected to go in to the mass production phase in Q2, but we believe it not to have a mini LED display. We think it will be taking design styles from the MacBook Pro range and lose its tapered appearance. Moreover, in-keeping with their consumer line of products, we are expecting colours to be on the MacBook Air for the first time. It will also be one of the first devices to run the next iteration of Apple Silicon, the M2 chip. Still one of the best value machines around. Fact

Will They, won’t they?

Now, this one could go either way. There is so much speculation around currently whether Apple will release a larger 27-inch iMac ever again. MacRumours, certainly think not. Reporting they have heard from a source close to Apple’s pipeline that Apple have no intention of introducing a larger iMac. Last week, the big iMac was removed from the website upon release of the Mac Studio. Ross Young, the screen analyst had thought there to be a new iMac on the way, but it turns out what he had probably heard of, was the new Studio Display. That display is the same panel that was used on the 27-inch iMac. A rare error from Ross?

Keeping it safe

Have you just bought a new Mac Studio? Wondering how to make sure it doesn’t go walkies from your desk? Well, Apple plans to soon be selling a third-party lock or lock adapter. Apple aims to help customers “physically secure their Mac Studio without modifying or damaging”. A similar device was seen years ago with the trashcan Mac.

We all hate passwords

Well, possibly, we are one step closer to not having to think about them any more. Apple, are calling this new technology, Passkeys in iCloud Keychain. In the future, it is proposed, that rather than having to use passwords to enter websites, all you’d need is a second Apple device with you. You won’t even have to tap your tablet or watch, either. No, the idea would work in the same way as the Apple Watch currently unlocks your Mac. So in the future, you’d only enter your username, then your Mac would send an authentication request to your registered devices for approval. Ingenious

Click & collect

All the products announced at last week’s event are now available for same day collections at Select Apple stores. Currently, only available in the U.S. the Studio Display, Mac Studio, iPhone 13 in green and the new iPad Air can now be ordered and collected the same day. Whilst the phone and tablet are available in many configurations, the Mac Studio is only on offer with the base models. So, to collect the same day, you’d have to order the $1999 M1 Max version or the $3999 Ultra version. The display is only available with standard glass and the tilt adjustable stand. A real step forward.

And finally

If you do have a lovely new 5K Studio Display, do you know runs the full iOS 15.4? In System Information, under Graphics/Displays, the Studio Display’s software can be seen, showing that it runs Version 15.4 (Build 19E241). This is the same build number as iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4, indicating that the Studio Display runs the full version of iOS. One has to wonder why?

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