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Updates – and why iOS 16 will be one not to miss!

Some people are still slow at updating their OS – why is that?

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It’s coming

The crazy Apple event season is coming, very soon, and apart from the show-stopping hardware being released, there will also be a raft of iOS and Mac updates as well. Yet, still, even close to home I learned, folks seem reluctant to update.


So, this weekend has been a long, three-day, Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK – and bloomin’ lovely it’s been, too. Although, I am still here writing today, as normal, it just feels more relaxed. Also, with the extra day in hand, it gave my 23-year-old daughter, time to come back from London to say hi.

Although her employers have given her a PC, at heart, she is a Mac gal. She bought her MacBook Air back with her home with her. Saturday night, after getting back from dinner, I casually asked about updates on the Mac. It was worse than I thought – she was still running Big Sur, which is now, nearly, two years old.

I know she is not alone in her fear of updates, either, but it did get me to wondering why this phobia exists?

So, what are you scared of?

I know only too well, we are all taught to be super aware of scams. And rightly so. But software updates generally are not served to us via email, rather through a notification from our desktops, laptops, or devices. I know, there is no getting away from the fact, that these pesky notifications can be both annoying and distracting.

Look, I am no puritan here, my teeth grind as much as the next person’s when I see them pop up, but I always do install them as soon as I practically can.

Updates can cause stress and ruin focus. I seem to remember that on the Windows platform it is even worse, but on Mac and iOS we still get our fair few notifications. Folks get distressed, and look for ways, any ways to avoid them. You only need to check out on Google for the number of searches for ‘how to disable updates’ to see what I mean.

A study of 1,000 people by Router-Network found that just 43% of iOS users update their devices as soon as a new release is available. Apparently, there is still around 15% of iOS users that never update their OS!

Automatic updates – the answer?

Apple is the master of the silent updates, happening in the background when the data shows we are not being productive. That is all well and good, but not fool-proof.

Apple has admitted, that the update can be sitting on your device, but not actually installed or activated. The reason is both logical, and simple.

There inevitably turns out to be minor bug fixes that require fixing on new, major OS releases. The slight delay in user uptake means they can often get those bugs sorted before users install. And, if there were to be a 100% uptake of updates on release day, even the might of Apple’s servers would feel the heat!

No matter how much you tut at the update notification in the top-right of your Mac, you’ll be much safer for just getting the job done. Installing it will make you less open to cyberattacks, and also ensure your device is running as smoothly as possible.

Now, having hopefully encouraged you to update, there are some ‘biggies’ about to come our way this fall with Ventura macOS, iOS16, and iPadOS 16. There will be some outstanding features among these OS releases. Let’s take a look at some highlights, firstly for your iPhone and iOS16.

iOS 16

Possibly, the first thing you’ll notice upon installing iOS 16, will be the all-new lock screen. It is totally redesigned and users will find it highly customisable with a wide range of options for widgets, typefaces, a multilayered effect for images, and animated wallpapers. You’ll even be able to create multiple Lock Screens linked to Focus modes.

Notifications will appear to roll up from the bottom of the screen, in an effort to be less invasive.

Live Activities will help you keep abreast of current events, in real-time, directly from the Lock Screen, and the confusing Focus modes are now improved with easier setup & Focus filters.

Notes, Reminders (which I live by!), Mail & Health all receive significant updates.

With Messages, you’ll now be able to edit or delete messages, mark messages as unread, and start a SharePlay session.

The other headline in iOS16 is that you’ll seamlessly be able to hand off FaceTime calls to your other devices.

iPadOS 16

This is a big year for iPadOS, so major is it in fact, that Apple will be splitting the release of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 by about a month.

Largely, this is down to the ongoing issues with Stage Manager. Stage Manager is supposed to bring a new way to multitask with multiple overlapping windows and full external display support. But, even until the latest public beta release, it remains beset with bugs and UI issues.

Many of the updates in iOS 16 to mail etc, will find their way to iPadOS 16 as well. However, there are some unique updates for iPad. Reference Mode will allow the iPad to match exact requirements in colour workflows, and Display Zoom provides more on-screen space, and virtual memory swap expands the amount of memory available to apps.

The Weather app comes to the iPad for the first time! Hard to believe, I know, but true nonetheless. It will offer iPad users a new system of forecast modules for more detailed information such as hourly temperature and precipitation over the next 10 days.

macOS Ventura

The first of the Apple events, in October, will focus on Mac & iPad. It makes sense, as Apple, appear to making efforts to make these two devices work more in tandem with one another.

Stage Manager, for instance, works not only with iPad, but also Mac.

Mac users will have a new way of focusing on a task while leaving other apps at the ready. Stage Manager puts your main app front and centre, whilst tucking away your other apps at the side for quick access if needed. Stage Manager integrates with both Mission Control and Spaces, and it’s simple to click right back over to the desktop.

Continuity Camera is a feature I can’t wait to try out. As much as it seems, a feeble admission as to how bad their webcams have become, it still is a feature I’m keen to get hands-on with.

Your iPhone will now become a webcam for your Mac. The iPhone can be positioned on top of the Mac using a specified, unique, stand. It’s designed to connect automatically to your Mac. It will utilise Center Stage and Studio Light to enhance your video image. The big news on this app though is Desk View.

Desk View uses the Ultra-Wide lens to show off your desk if you need to demo something in a top-down, view. How ‘real’ it will look is something I’m keen to check out. Continuity, could be a game-changer, that you’ll be able to use across apps such as Zoom & Teams.

Handoff expands to FaceTime, allowing you to take calls on the Mac and transfer them seamlessly to the iPhone or vice versa.

Wrapping up

So, if you are one of those folks that always delays updating, may be the bevy of goodness coming our way with these next OS releases, may just be enough to tempt you to click that update button.

Seriously, you can thank me later!

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