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WWDC 2022 – the 3 things I REALLY want

Earlier this week, I wrote about what I thought we might see at WWDC 2022. Here I tell you about the 3 things I’d love to see next week.

WWDC 2022
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Not long now

We are now just a few days away from this year’s spring WWDC 2022 conference from Apple Park. Rumours have been lean this year, but there are a few things that now seem possible.

With the board having now laid actual hands and on the AR/VR headset, it would seem likely that some kind of reveal will happen next week. I don’t think we’ll see the hardware, may be some artistic, creative videos of it, but more likely news for the app developers. iOS 16 will obviously be paraded before us. A more interactive lock screen seems imminent, and also some more love for the notifications and health apps.

iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS will all get updates of some kind, but here are the three things that would make my WWDC event complete.

The new MacBook Air

image @ld_vova

I had one of the original MacBook Air Macs, years back. It was my first Mac actually, so clearly evokes some special memories for me. Now the happy, and productive owner of an Apple Silicon M1 Max MacBook Pro, I am keen for my Mac to be dated! Yup, let’s bring on the M2 chip and put it in the MacBook Air.

Obviously, the M2 chip will not be a match in power for my Max chip, but don’t forget, when the M1 chip was first launched, it changed everything. I am guessing it will be yet more efficient in both single and multicore performance in its base state. Again, the graphics side of things will likely get improved too, all of which will pave the way for the M2 Pro, Max, and Ultra variants that will certainly follow. It will give us our first glimpse as to what we can expect from Apple over the next 18 months. The MacBook Air will be a perfect partner in which for it to make its debut. Designed for affordability, mobility and wide user appeal, it will get the M2 out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

We are anticipating colours coming to the MBA for the first time, (as per last year’s 24-inch iMac) and a brand new, more square shape to it, with the iconic wedge shape finally waving goodbye – its time has been served! Now, the only problems are with supply. Supply chain issues are very present and real. If the new MacBook Air appeals to you, my suggestion is to have your credit card ready at 6pm BST this Monday. If you don’t buy straight away, the delays could be very lengthy.

Mac Pro

image @macrumours

We all recall the parting words of John Ternus at Peek Performance in March. The much repeated phrase “that just leaves the Mac Pro – but that’s for another day”.

I’d love for ‘that other day’ to be next Monday. Not because I am in the market for one now, or at any time soon. No, more to see what the future is for Apple Silicon and the need for user upgrades. The calling card of the Mac Pro has been power, expansion, and configurability. The only weakness of Apple Silicon has been that with the SOC design, it means what you buy, is what you get. By that, I mean, unless you get your specs right as you order, then there is no turning back. You cannot upgrade or change the internals in any way after the point of purchase.

Now, the Mac Pro has been built on a legacy of the most pro users of all being able to tweak, fiddle, upgrade and change the specs of their Macs, as their creative demands grow. So, my interest in the Mac Pro is just that – to see how Apple intends to enable users to upgrade postpurchase. Surely, we cannot dream of a future Mac Pro without the ability to upgrade, so how Apple Silicon will tackle that, intrigues and interests me. Although a niche machine, it is core to the ethos and values of Apple. This Mac, more than any other, is what the company was built on. A Mac to create the toughest and most challenging of high-end projects on.

Apple need this machine in their line-up, whatever. How they go about implementing the direction that Apple Silicon has taken, will be fascinating. Whilst not expecting it to be a full release next week, form dictates that we may get a look at it, ready for an autumn launch.

The Mac Mail App

The mail app requires an overhaul, I reckon. Since owning a Mac, I have always stuck with the native app, but that may change!

Am I alone, or is the mail app on iPhone – well, just a down-right mess? A single email is fine, but the moment you have a trail, hell, it’s confusing! I had that problem yesterday with a client’s email. I was away from my studio, and was trying to work back through a 10 or 15 email thread. It was showing an un-read email somewhere in the chain, but it took forever to work out where it was.

It is easier on the Mac, but still not good. Mail seems to have lost its way with the latest upgrades. I am not asking for much from the app, just ease of use, and speed of transparency. Finding old or deleted mail is not as easy as it should be either, to the point I now flag any mail I think I may need again at some-point in the future. Trying to use the search function has proven woeful to me time and again. Totally unreliable.

Now, I could look to change mail clients across devices, but a fix to the native app would suit me better. I am Apple through and through, but the mail app is testing me. I’d love to know if I am alone in this dissatisfaction? What do you make of Mac Mail version 16? And if you have defected…tempt me…what should I be looking at? Is there a better solution out there?

Wrapping it up

So, there you go, the hardware or apps I would like to see receive some attention next week. I will be there 6pm on Monday, laptop open – for two reasons. Firstly, making notes on the conference as it unfolds (I will write a blog straight after), but also primed, and armed with my credit card handy, just in case the M2 MacBook Air does get announced. Yup, if it is released, I will be at the front of the queue for pre-orders. And if I do get my hands on one, rest assured, you’ll be reading about it here.

So, will you be watching the event live, and what would make the event complete for you? I’d love to hear from you – let me know.

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2 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more about the mail app. It is a shocker. Has been for years. But I still use it because I like my walled garden. But enough is enough. Either we get a new one or I am changing so I’m keen to hear recommendations too.

    1. morning Neil – the joy of knowing I am not either alone or going crazy! Its rubbish right now isn’t it. Can you even change mail apps on iOS? Great to hear from you

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