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Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests

M4 iPad Pro, M2 iPad Air & Let Loose

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This time it’s all about the iPad! Well, it had to be really, right?

We chat over the M2 iPad Air, and M4 iPad Pro, what we’ve bought and how we will go about covering it.

The Let Loose event itself came in for some flack – the Machine Press was not to everyone’s liking – we discuss!

And if you’ve wondered what it’s like to deal with brands – we tell you the truth!

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Alex’s latest video: https://youtu.be/2c_53BTTYTw?si=GI2oi0tJ5hbK2Opi

David’s latest video: https://youtu.be/G5BVMVtoNKE

Alex on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexGTech1

David on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dtalkingtec

Read David on Medium: https://medium.com/@Davidtalkingtech

Get in touch: david@talkingtechandaudio.com


00:00 Intro

00:42  Let Loose

01:15 Nano texture a mistake? 

06:00 Is Final Cut on iPad for real? 

09:35 What Alex has bought

11:20 Will iPad become a desktop experience?

14:00 The M2 iPad Air is STILL a beast

15:25 How the M4 iPad Pro will fit into our workflow 

19:45 The iPad Air – basically last years iPad Pro

21:40 Anti-reflective coating – don’t be fooled

22:25 Will David have to return his iPad Pro and Apple’s return policy

28:20 Is nano texture that sensitive?

31:00 The event format – fans or not 

33:00 The machine crushing hate!

35:00 Alex and his YouTube Play Button – it’s official 

37:20 Taking time to make the content right

41:35 Getting lucky with thumbnails

43:00 Unboxings are still popular…

45:30 Sorting out audio-only podcasts for YouTube

48:55 Brands being pushy!

50:00 Building brand relationships  

52:30 Creators STILL paying for views 

Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests

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Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests


Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests


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