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Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests

Samsung Unpacked – the S24 Ultra is coming

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We are back for our first podcast of the year – and as it turns out there is a lot to talk about.

In a few days, there is Samsung Unpacked so we have a good chat about that event and what we can expect. Galaxy AI is going to be the hot topic and we also talk cameras, bezels, displays & notches.

The Pixel 8 Pro is a phone we’ve both used and loved so we chat about the latest features that Google have made available for it. ND filters, shooting ProRes, external SSD and recording in 8K – we cover it all.

And of course – Vision Pro…our take on this ground breaking bit of tech.

Then as we get into talking YouTube we talk about the January blues and the risks of changing laanes and direction as a creator.

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00:00 Intro

02:10 What to expect from Samsung unpacked

04:35 Samsung S24 goes Titanium

07:02 Bezels & notches…who cares?

07:30 Displays getting brighter on Samsung S24 Ultra

09:10 Pixel 8 Pro – it’s flying…

15:15 Samsung vs Google – going head to head in AI

17:35 AI and Samsung Unpacked – what to expect

20:10 Samsung Ultras and video…

21:43 Using ND filters

23:17 iPhone 15 Pro Max beats my Canon 90D

25:30 External SSD’s for iPhone

28:10 Samsung and Raw CODECs

29:45 Recording in 8K

33:15 The need for content…

34:45 Getting out of the safe zone

35:55 Vision Pro…our thoughts

45:00 HomePods as a stereo pair – wow!

46:30 Let’s talk YouTube and the Jaanuary blues

50:25 The risks or benefits of branching out on YouTube

53:00 Subs vs comments

55:10 AVD and retention

60:00 Shorts & Capcut

63:00 The future for Minus Sixteen

Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests

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Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests


Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests


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