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Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests

AI Features on Smartphones: How Tech Giants Might be Tricking Us

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Lots to chat over on this episode…

First, why are internet speeds so damned slow!! Grrrrr….we chat over thoughts on the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Pixel 8 Pro/Samsung S23 Ultra and also catch up on the latest news from Snapdragon as well. Alex also has some hot takes on the latest gossip about next year’s Samsung S24 Ultra – and the real sauce that everyone is missing…

How creators can embrace AI in their daily workflows and how it saves a HUGE amount of time. What’s new in Final Cut Pro, and why is everything subscription-based now – and is it a benefit?

Then the big one…Casetify – what’s REALLY going on?

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00:00 Intro

01:00 The need for speed

04:00 Alex thoughts – iPhone 15 PM/Pixel 8/Samsung S23 Ultra

05:50 Pixel thoughts… 

08:55 Samsung S24 Ultra leaks & rumours

14:30 The news from Snapdragon

18:30 The influence of AI on content creation

20:15 Gling as an editors tool

21:30 Tracking coming to FCP

24:25 Subscription life…

28:00 The case for Casetify

33:20 The D-brand factor

39:00 How brands benefit from working with creators

44.10 Tech-cember…is that a real thing now & the Brazillian channel progress

51:10 Batch recording shorts – it still takes time!

54:30 Delete or not

58:55 Letting go of your babies…time to hit upload! 

64:00 YouTube getting serious about podcasts – RSS feeds…

Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests

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Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests


Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests


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