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Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests

Samsung Secrets…what’s next? And invalid traffic is back!!

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On this episode we are joined by Daniel from Tech with Benefits and as he is Mr Samsung it was too good of an opportunity to not corner him and pry out of him what he thinks may be coming in January when Samsung launches the S24 Ultra. What AI features can we possibly expect? Will LOG or RAW video make its way to Samsung’s flagship phone in ’24? Daniel gives us the inside scoop on what his dream camera set-up would be and Alex talks about shooting 8K on his S23.

Alex covers his recent VLOG-style videos and tells us about where the inspiration came from and Daniel tells us how he makes Samsung content in between events and releases.

David has seen some good growth recently on his channel and pulls back the curtains on what he thinks has been at the heart of that growth. Also, having been hit by the invalid traffic strike in the summer David and the boys cover the latest fallout from it and how creators are still being left without answers.

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00:00 Intro

01:20 The Samsung season is coming 

03:30 The Google updates – time to play

04:30 What can we expect from Samsung in 2024

07:25 AI and Samsung

09:10 Daniel’s perfect camera specs

10:35 What can Samsung deliver – the video camera?

11:40 Alex & 8K dreams…

12:55 Can Samsung improve the audio in ’24?

15:50 Will RAW & LOG video ever come to Samsung phones?

18:15 Will David actually buy the S24?

19:50 Alex’ approach to his channel…

22:20 Lifelong iPhone user switches…how to make ‘genuine’ videos!

23:55 The correct use of clickbait…

25:45 Danile – and how he keeps content coming…

27:40 Daniel & his retention figures

30:30 The barrier to entry gets lower…everyone can make YouTube videos

33:55 Finding your voice on YouTube 

35:40 Alex and his VLOGS

38:40 The importance of uploading regularly

40:40 The upload schedule

43:00 Length matters after all…

44:15 The 8-minute rule and the benefits of taking a break – avoiding burnout

47:00 David’s channel growth – finally! The reasons!

52:30 Creating a vibe

53:55 The hidden unfair advantage

58:00 Tutorials…a tough love!

59:40 Daniel & DEX!

60:45 Invalid traffic strikes again

70:25 Just keep getting better week by week

73:00 YouTube search…and where is your content consumed

75:35 CTR – what’s a good click-through rate

77:20 Impressions and why they matter

79:30 Daniel is coming to the UK!

Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests

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Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests


Minus Sixteen Apple Tech Podcast with David Lewis and Guests


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