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My Apple tech blog provides regular updates from the world of Apple with news, reviews, leaks and insights in to the latest Apple tech.

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  • Apple

Intelligently Apple

Different but delivering… Entering into WWDC I wasn’t certain of what to expect, I mean…
  • WWDC

WWDC24 – better buckle up!

What to expect from Apple’s Developer Conference WWDC is only days away and I think…
  • iPad

1st Day – M4 iPad Pro

Working on iPad – a new experience Today is the day I will finally go…
  • iPad

iPad – just 1 more day…

The wait is very nearly over – I’ve only had to wait over a decade!…
  • AirPods Max

AirPods Max – nearly perfect

I was sitting in the studio wearing these today and thought I should share my…
  • Apple

Apple is my 1st choice

They are in the news a lot right now – and not always for the…
  • Apple

Apple wins!

The rumour game is a big part of Apple’s playbook – but only if they…
  • iOS

iPhone 16 & AI

It’s coming, we know it’s coming, but what do we want from it? Like clockwork,…
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