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My Apple tech blog provides regular updates from the world of Apple with news, reviews, leaks and insights in to the latest Apple tech.

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  • Apple

Apple vs. the world

Things were bad enough when it was only Europe that hated Apple… Apple took a…
  • iPad

iPad’s time to shine

Mini 8.3” retina 64/256 from £569 2nd get pencil £139 or USB-C £79 Smart Folio £69 A15 iPad9th/10th Gen £369/£499 64/256 9 gets 1st gen pencil USBC 10.2” retina screen 10 gets Pencil £79 or 1st Gen £109 10.9” Liquid Retina screen A14 Air 10.9” LED backlit P3 64/256 £669 2nd gen pencil or USBC M1 8GB Pro 11” or 13” 128/256/512/1/2 £899/£1249 Liquid Retina or XDR All pencils & keyboards M2 1/2/TB gets 16GB
  • iPhone

iPhone 16 – what to expect

The rumours are circulating- so let’s look at what we’re hearing so far The world…
  • Vision Pro Pro

The Vision Pro – 1st thoughts

Well it’s getting very real now… The Vision Pro embargo lifted yesterday which meant that…
  • iPhone

iPhone 15 and feature overload

How many features do you honestly use on your phone? Let’s chat… I like to…
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